For almost two months I have been struggling with writing anything. I have many topics to choose from but when I sit down to write, I stare at the page. I type a few sentences and the lose all interest and can’t seem to focus so I give up and go do something else. What has happened to me? I started off with a bang. The blog was an exciting new venture and another plus, great therapy. But now I can’t seem to find my mojo for writing. I am not an experienced writer but I believe this is what they define as “writer’s block”. I began to research.

I investigated the possible causes, the “everyone goes through it”, and possible solutions. I went for walks, worked out, played music, used others as my muses to try and gain motivation and meaning to go forward, but alas…nothing. I felt like my body had no bones and I was a lump on the floor with no incentive to move forward. But, then something happened last Saturday.

Six bloggers in Edmonton, including myself, had brunch together. Two of them were food bloggers, one was a Mom blogger, and the other was a former single Mom blogger. They all had loads of experience compared to myself. I ordered what was one of the tastiest breakfasts I think I have ever had with the best bacon that I had ever tasted. Seriously, the bacon…OMG!!! But, I digress.

After getting acquainted, we went around the table sharing reasons for starting a blog, knowledge and experiences gained, and future visions for our blogs. I didn’t say a word as I soaked in the plethora of wisdom from these choice and humble people. When it came to my turn, I shared my thoughts, talked about my writer’s block, and the frustration I was feeling. Loreto and Nicoletta of shared a nugget that really made an impression on me. In fact, I consider it a LCM (life changing moment) as I’ve written about in a previous blog post…9 Steps to Becoming an Optimist

Loreto shared this simple revelation. “Give yourself permission to write crap!” He explained that writer’s block is usually caused because we all want to write something meaningful or amazing. Maybe we want the most likes, comments, or shares. But in writing, none of that matters because in fact, it holds us back. No one writes everything well. He summarized, “Just sit down and write anything…anything at all. Don’t worry about it if it sounds like garbage. Don’t focus on a topic, just write.” The others at the table concurred. For many of you, this principle may sound obvious. However, for a new writer like myself, this was pure gold.

So here I am writing again. I am just typing whatever comes into this tiny brain of mine. To be honest, this feels great…really great. I think I’ve actually pulled myself out of the mud, with a big thank you to Loreto and the other at our brunch. If you are suffering from writer’s block, put this principle to the test. Give yourself permission to write crap…and hopefully it will help you too.

– Rob

Here are links to the other bloggers I shared brunch with…please, check them out:

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P.S. Look at this breakfast…look at that BACON!


11 Replies to “Overcoming Writer’s Block

  1. That’s incredible! I have been going through the same thing. My blog isn’t what it used to be. I have several blogs to write, but can’t focus enough to let it flow from my mind and into the blog. Very frustrating! And I believe, this word of advice is to be true. I know when I wrote whatever, I can usually go back the next day and rewrite it even better. It’s almost like a rough draft and then finalizing it. I will have to start doing that, again. It’s just hard for perfectionist to do. Good luck!

    1. Thanks, Jenn. I put the kids to bed last night, sat on the couch, cleared my head, and just started typing. I was shocked. To be honest, I have about 7 blog posts started but I’ll get to those eventually, when I feel inspired too. I hope I can do this again, and again, and again. Thanks. I always appreciate your comments.

  2. Thanks for sharing. The best thing about this post is that you’re writing! Good on you! When I’m staring at a blank page I start to get very anxious. But eventually the words start and it all flows. The best piece of writing advice I’ve ever read was – you can’t edit a blank page. Write crap, but at least you’re writing and you can fix it later. Good on you 🙂 As for the bacon, I’m a vegetarian so could comment but won’t 🙂

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