Have you ever just sat back, as a parent, and wondered what you did to deserve such amazing children?  I must admit, I don’t do this all the time.  Sometimes, I shake my head and wonder who these animals really belong too.  However, there are those choice occasions when I do the former.

I love Christmas.  I love shopping and running into people I haven’t seen in ages.  I love saying and hearing “Merry Christmas” everywhere I go.  Even in stores, I’m not hearing “Happy Holiday’s”, but “Have a Merry Christmas”, more and more.  I love that I set up our tree and the kids decorate it, and do a great job.  I love Christmas music.  I love being with friends, enjoying festivities, and sharing laughs.  But, Christmas morning, is always my favorite.  It’s all about the kids, and their faces.  To this date, I still don’t put a single gift under the tree until after they have gone to bed, Christmas Eve.  I love the looks when they all come down the stairs Christmas morning.  It’s the best!

Now, connecting back to my original thought of being deserving of amazing children, let me share this.  I had gone to pick up the kids a few days before Christmas.  They came out to the car and told me to pop the trunk open to which I complied.  I was given strict instructions “not too peek”.  Apparently, they were loading my presents into the back of the car.

As they jumped into the car, they were excited and overjoyed.  They all said, “Dad, we can’t wait until you open our gifts for you!”  Admittedly, their enthusiasm was infectious.  They don’t buy me expensive things.  I never tell them what I want.  But, the gifts are always thoughtful.

When Christmas morning came, they came downstairs with excited looks, as the tree came into view.  The first thing out of their mouthes were, “Dad, sit down.”  I did as I was told.  My gifts were the first gifts opened on Christmas morning.  They presented me with each, one by one.  They sat watching my reaction, as I opened them.  It was heartwarming to see their faces.  I was so touched by their thoughtfulness.

Ben (8) painted me this painting of our living room, complete with Christmas tree and blue lights in the front window.


Rachel (11) painted me a picture of stuffed French toast (from my Instagram account), and a meatball maker.



Beth (14), in her wisdom, remembered that I grew up eating Count Chocula…so chocolaty, and zero nutritional value! :-)So, that’s what she got me.  Heaven, in a box!!!


They didn’t worry about their gifts first.  They worried about mine.  If fact, they hadn’t talked about their gifts all week.  So, as they opened their presents, there I sat…wondering what I had done to deserve these kids.  These kids, who get it…not just giving, but the true spirit of giving.  And, I still wonder…who is really teaching who?  Christmas really did hit home, this year.

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  1. I must admit I loved Count Chocula growing, too! I still remember the commercials. I dare not eat it now! You are brave, my friend. Lol. Happy Holidays. Great blog!

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