Years ago, I was taught a valuable lesson about serving others.  When I was more active in church service, we used to engage in an activity called “pixie-ing” with the youth.  It’s been called many things but the premise was the same.

You make a plate of treats with a particular family in mind.  You sneak up to the front door, put the plate down, ring the doorbell, and run.  Usually, to hide somewhere nearby to watch the person’s face, who opened the door, only to see a plate of goodies.  To be honest, it was usually a puzzled look.  But, we consoled ourselves by thinking once inside, they would be touched by the gesture.  However, years later, I was taught an interesting lesson.

A few of us were out one evening, and we ran into an older gentleman we all knew.  He was well known as a man of integrity and kindness. He was also very successful in business and a person who would never say a bad word about anyone.  I don’t remember how, but as we sat chatting, the activity of “pixie-ing” came up.  And, his comments that followed, left an impression upon my mind, that I will never forget.

Very gently he said, “Guys, in this day and age, maybe this activity can be done in a more meaningful way.”  We were all intrigued so he continued.

“Guys, have you ever thought about the person who answers the door and grab the treats?  Perhaps, they are wondering where they came from, is this a joke, was the kitchen clean that these were made in, etc…because, sometimes people can be a bit cynical.”  None of us had thought about that before so, of course, it could be true.  Unconsciously, one might ask those questions.

He continued, “Now imagine if you made those treats, and marched up to the door as a family or group.  You’d ring the doorbell, and as it opens, you’d most likely be greeted with a smile.  Then, you would tell the person or family that you made these treats for them because you wanted to let them know how much you love and appreciate them…what type of reaction do you think you would receive then? Would relationships be strengthened?  Would the spirit of love be shared?  Would they ever forget you?”

Wow.  We were all floored.  I was positive he was right.  So, I tested this theory with my kids, one day.  And, I can tell you that this experience will remain with us forever.  When you serve people, it OK for them to know you (and/or your family), did it.  He was so right.  Relationships were strengthened, and the spirit of love was very strong.  I would consider this one of those LCM (life changing moments), that made me a better person.

So, why don’t you try it…see what happens.  Please, comment and/or share if you like this. 🙂

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  1. We left treats for neighbours one time and didn’t identify ourselves. We later found out they threw them out because they didn’t know where they came from. We were devastated!!! I guess that’s the way the world works these days. We never do it now without making a personal connection. It does change things.

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