Definition…”an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident”.

Years ago, when I lived in eastern Canada, I had a great friend who loved to bake.  She made everything from pastries to cakes to cookies.  Pretty much anything sweet.  And, she made them for all us, all of the friends within her inner and outer circle.   

One time though, she made these delicious chocolate chip cookies.  But, there was something slightly unique about these cookies.  Instead of having chocolate chips dispersed throughout the cookie, it had one giant chocolate chip, directly in the center of each cookie.  She gave us all half a dozen each, in a small plastic bag.  And, in this small bag, there was a note that read “Take the time to savour the big chip in the cookie of life”.  At the time, I didn’t really understand what she was trying to tell all of us.  I guess quotes like “take time to smell the roses” rings more true to many of us now.

This memory came flooding back because an experience I had a couple of weeks ago.  On a Saturday morning, I went to the local farmer’s market. There are many in my city, but the Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market, is located in an arts district of town, in a huge old converted fire hall. It’s amazing.

I’m a musician.  I play a few things but mostly guitar.  It’s my zen activity and I love to play everyday.  So, I really appreciate others who share their musical talent.  So, as I was almost at the market, that’s when I saw her (the pic above).  She was sitting there as many walked past not really paying attention as she played pure emotion out of her cello.  I stopped, stood back, listened, and watched.  It was a beautiful morning, perfect temperature, and it smelled like summer.  And, there she was.  Her eyes were closed, and you could tell she LOVED her instrument.  You could feel it.  And, you could most certainly hear it.  She didn’t care if anyone was listening because she was completely in her zen zone.  She was an incredible musician.  I could’ve listened to her all day.  When she finished her song, I walked up and put money in her case and thanked her for sharing her incredible talent.  She was very grateful and shared our love of music.  Then, we went our separate ways.

She had taught me something that beautiful morning.  Something I wish I had learned a long time ago when I ate a cookie.  I stopped.  I took the time to listen, really listen. And, I savoure the moment.  As I get older, I’m finally learning that I don’t need to be in such a rush all the time.  No, its not easy to do and it’s a very easy rut to get pulled into.  Life is faster than ever.  But, I make a conscience effort now.  So, take some time everyday, look for those “desirable discoveries by accident”…I can promise you, you won’t regret it.

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